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If you are worried about sex offence, an addict (drug use etc.), violence, abuse, other problematic behaviors (illegal acts), or withdrawal,  please contact us.

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治療後の感想 Impressions after treatment

◆20代前半・男性◆(行為の種類:強制わいせつ)Male Early 20s, Type of Action: Forced Obscenity




 I was able to get various consultations throughout the year. I was saved because there were things I could only talk about here and I could only talk to them here. It was also a valuable experience to be able to talk with people who are suffering from problems similar to mine and are trying to overcome them.

  It is still to imagine the contents of clothes when the temperature rises and it is time to wear light clothes. Before, I couldn't control it just by imagining it, and I took action. But now I can leave in the same situation. What if I do it next time? Will more people be sad? What do you really want to get? I can ask myself in this way, and I can stop action.

  I have practiced the cognitive reconstruction and coping that I learned here, and I think that is going well, so I will continue to do so. Thank you very much for your help. 

◆20代後半・男性◆(行為の種類:迷惑防止条例違反、強制わいせつ)Male Late 20s,  Type of Action: Forced Obscenity




 I am able to reduce the risk of recidivism compared to myself a year ago when I started treatment. Through cognitive-behavioral therapy, I have grasped and dealt with when the risk increases, attached another idea, found an alternative divergence method, and repeatedly practiced it in daily life. I think it's the body.

 Cognitive-behavioral therapy is useful not only for sex crimes, but also for reducing daily trivial skirmishes. Even if you want to be emotional and want to hit, or if you want to say something bitter, I try to think of the other person feels, what will happen if I hit, and change my behavior. That's how I began to be able to apply the treatment.

 For those who are thinking of receiving treatment from now on.
 Perhaps just receiving it will not improve the effectiveness of the treatment. I felt that the accumulation of successful experiences of putting the knowledge I learned into practice in my daily life and creating a successful experience that I was able to do without sexual harm even though I was so stressed would be effective. By all means, please do not just receive treatment, but work on a daily basis to gain confidence. As we spend a lot of money and time, so I'd like you to try that much.




 To be honest, at first I only wanted them to take care of my son and I did not want to participate in the treatment. I did not need to talk to other family members or think about how we will be involved as a family. I think it related to my weakness in discussions. I'm still not good at it, but I don't have the idea that I don't need a place for families. While my son continued the treatment without dislike, change has come little by little, I finally decided to work on it without running away.

 It was also good for me that Family Day (Family Meeting) changed from a group format to an individual interview due to covid-19. No matter how many promises we made, my son repeatedly committed recidivism, so I only angered him. This is the first time I have thought about the reason why my son would do that in a family interview. After finishing 10 times sessions, we chose to finish the treatment and try it on our own, but I am relieved to hear that if we feel uneasy, we will be able to consult them again. There must be many families in the world who feel and act in the same way as I did. If you are in doubt, I recommend that you consult with them once.



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