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If you are worried about sex offence, an addict (drug use etc.), violence, abuse, other problematic behaviors (illegal acts), or withdrawal,  please contact us.

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研修報告(アクセプト・インターナショナル主催ウェビナー)Training Report(Webinar sponsored by Accept International)





 Everyone who uses our office and everyone visits the homepage
 We would like to send our best regards to you this year.
 The new coronavirus is in a state of rapid spread of infection again, and I think that you are spending uneasy days. About two years have passed since the corona wreck, but it looks like it will be a long-term battle. Please take good care of yourself while continuing the basic preventive measures.
 I would like to write about the impressions of the webinar that I heard from a former colleague the other day. The activities of Accept International, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, seem to be diverse both at home and abroad, and Somalia's activities were introduced. Staff go to prisons where terrorist people are held, start by establishing personal relationships with them in prison, and provide steady education and training on non-terrorist ways of life and choices. I felt something important in that situation.
 We are different from each other, but actually not so different. We were all the same baby. They didn't want to be terrorists. These sentences are impressive. Yes, we cannot be born by choosing the time when we are born or the environment. We are different from each other, but actually not so different. We were all the same baby. They didn't want to be terrorists. These sentences are impressive. Yes, we cannot be born by choosing the time when we are born or the environment. And it's not really what we really want, but in that situation we sometimes think that we have no other choice and continue. I listened to it while feeling that I was stimulated by the part I was thinking in the depths of my heart.
 This time, the target of support was the people who embarked on the act of terrorism. Although the actions are different, the idea of support is often similar to the support at our office(treating people who suffer from problematic acts (illegal acts) that they want to stop but cannot stop, such as sex crimes, substance use, theft, violence, and fraud). If you are worried, why don't you have the opportunity to think together without worrying alone? We are looking forward to hearing from you.
2022年01月15日 09:00

年末年始の受付に関するお知らせ Notice of Year-End and New Year business



 年始:2022年  1月  4日(火)通常通り9時から



   To Everyone who uses our office on a regular basis, and people who visit our website
 Our office will be taking the Year-End and New Year holidays on the following period.

   Year-End:Until December 28th, 2021
 New Year:From January 4th, 2022

  We apologize for any inconvenience. Inquiries by phone or email outside the reception period will be handled sequentially from January 4th (Tuesday).
 It is a time when it gets colder and colder. Please don't forget to take good care of yourself and have happy holidays.
 Thank you for your continued support next year.
2021年12月20日 09:00

研修報告(ストレス・マネジメント)Training Report(Stress Management)






 Everyone who visits the homepage
 I participated in the stress management training the other day and wrote down what I felt.
 Searching the internet will bring up various stress management ideas and techniques. Which of these is the most useful for me ? Maybe some of you have been confused or worried.
 The purpose of participation this time was to understand the difference between stress management performed from the approach of cognitive behavioral therapy provided by our office on a daily basis and stress management introduced in this training, and to utilize a better perspective for daily clinical practice.
 Through the two-hour training, I understood that the ability to observe one's condition, the type of coping method, and prevention are important from the viewpoint of stress management. These are also important in cognitive-behavioral therapy, and are not limited to stress, but are related to observing and managing oneself as a whole, including emotions including anger and cognition.For most people, there are some patterns of stress and anger, so take action and be prepared in case of emergency. The idea of ​​taking it out quickly and putting it into practice when that time comes is common.
 Stress management is one of the useful ways to prevent sexual crimes, drug use, theft, violence, fraud, and other problematic acts (illegal acts) that you want to stop but cannot stop. Please contact us once as it is provided in an easy-to-understand format in the treatment program.
2021年11月13日 09:00

研修報告(国境なき医師団オンラインイベント)人道援助に参加する理由 Training Report(Reasons to participate in humanitarian aid)


 まもなく立冬を迎え、寒さが増してまいります。引き続きご自愛ください。設立50周年を迎えた国境なき医師団(MSF:Medecins Sans Frontieres)のオンラインイベントを拝聴し、考えたことを記してみます。今回のイベントはMSFの活動現場を取材した作家・クリエイターのかたと、MSFの海外派遣スタッフが「なぜ人道援助をするのか」について、それぞれの活動経験を踏まえながら話し合うものでした。



 Everyone who uses our office and everyone visits this homepage.
 It will soon be winter and the cold will increase. Please continue to love yourself.
 Here's what I thought about when I listened to the online event of Doctors Without Borders (MSF: Medecins Sans Frontieres), which celebrated its 50th anniversary. At this event, writers and creators who interviewed MSF's activity sites and MSF's expats discussed "why humanitarian assistance is provided" based on their respective activity experiences.
 In response to questions such as "Why did you decide to participate in humanitarian aid?" "Why are there not only disadvantages in career and income, but also sometimes life-threatening? Same sound. "There are people who are in trouble because they cannot receive the necessary assistance". MSF's expats answered in the same way. Although the occupations are different, I was happy to feel that we were all similar.
 Looking back on why I participated in MSF activities, I strongly felt that I wanted to live out of an environment where the idea that as long as I am ok, that is fine, period. If someone was in trouble somewhere and I had the conditions to deliver the help they needed, I thought I would go anywhere on the planet and was screened by MSF.
 I still feel that way. For the past few years, the timing of MSF's mission has not been right, but I have been working on my job in Japan with the same feelings. We will continue to study so that we can deliver the assistance needed by those who are worried about sexual crimes, drug use, theft, violence, fraud, and other problematic acts (illegal acts) that they want to stop but cannot stop, and their families continuing training to pile up. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone without worrying alone.
2021年11月03日 18:00

レターカウンセリングを継続しながら While continuing letter counseling






 Everyone who uses our office and everyone who visits this homepage
 At the request of the client in September of last year, we started and continued letter counseling (therapeutic involvement through letters) for those who have caused an incident due to a problematic act such as a sexual crime and are in a situation where they cannot use the videophone or interview by visiting the office (during detention, in a penal institution, etc.)
 The main purpose of letter counseling is to share the feelings of the moment and to maintain motivation for change toward rehabilitation. To image concrete idea of life and actions after reintegration to prevent re-offending, without relying solely on feelings of remorse and regret, such as "I don't want to repeat it anymore" or "I will stop this time", we incorporate a cognitive-behavioral therapy approach into letter counseling.
 We would like to clients to continue to have hope for themselves in the future, hoping that it will be a slight opportunity for us ...
 That is right. We started with that kind of thought and continued, but also worried because of wonder if it was really useful. Not only in letter counseling, but also in face-to-face and online interviews, it is not easy to be helpful for someone, so it is natural to have time like this. How can a person have hope for himself? What do people reading this article think ? Is it hope that something special must be obtained, such as a miracle happening and one's wishes being fulfilled one after another, or a material abundance being obtained ? This may or may not be the case for some people.
 We will honestly repeat the process of letter counseling, thinking about the person who will receive and reply to it, and thinking about where the hope of that person comes from.
 If family and client wish to receive letter counseling, we will confirm with the institution where client is admitted from our office and proceed with the prescribed procedure. Please feel free to contact us as we will inform the details at the inquiry stage. We hope that letter counseling will be helpful as one of the options for those who are worried about sexual crimes, substance use, theft, violence, fraud, and other problematic acts (illegal acts) that they want to stop but cannot stop.
2021年10月30日 09:00

治療を終えた方々のお声を掲載いたします We have started posting the voices of those who have completed the treatment



 Everyone who visits the homepag
 After opening our office, we have obtained the consent of those who have completed the treatment for about a year with first free consultation → assessment → cognitive behavioral therapy, and other family associations and joint family interviews) and will post their voices. We will update to the "Impressions after treatment" page on the homepage.
 We hope that it will be helpful as one of the options for those who are worried about sexual crimes, drug use, theft, violence, fraud, and other problematic acts (illegal acts) that they want to stop but cannot stop, and theie families.
2021年09月13日 09:00

研修報告(国境なき医師団オンラインイベント)困ったときはお互いさまの精神で Training Report(When times are tough, we should help each other)








 We would like to express our deepest sympathies to those affected by the heavy rains this summer. We pray that all those affected by the disaster will be able to return to a peaceful life as soon as possible.
 A few days ago, after work, I watched Doctors Without Borders' online lecture and wrote down what I thought.
 During 60 minutes to connect live with a Japanese nurse in the middle of a mission in South Sudan located on the African continent, which is one of the newest countries in the world, listen to the local situation, and ask questions.
 Even after becoming independent after the civil war, domestic conflicts continue, forcing people to live far from safe. There is also a sad and angry reality in South Sudan, far from Japan, where people hunt down people.
 Some people may just think that they don't live in such a dangerous place, they don't have any acquaintances there, and Japan is safe and really good. I have no blame for that person. It's not that I don't have that feeling at all.However, as long as I am safe, that's fine...I can't just feel that way, my heart is buzzing.
 People cannot choose where or when they are born. We were born in this country, we can eat with our families, get an education, get medical care when we need it, and rest at home at night. But most of them have not come from our own efforts, nor have we chosen. I think that way.
 That's why.
 I will try at least to pay attention what's happening somewhere on this planet. And I would like to remind myself of what I can do in the spirit of "When times are tough, we should help each other", and to bring myself closer to being able to act. I haven't been able to participate in the activities of Doctors Without Borders for the past few years, but I'm sure there will be a day when I can participate again at the right time.
 To those who are worried about problematic acts (illegal acts) that they want to stop but cannot stop, such as sex crimes, drug use, theft, violence, and fraud. Also to their family members. Why don't you think about how to quit together ? We look forward to hearing from you by phone or email.
2021年08月30日 09:00

新型コロナワクチン接種のお知らせ Notification of covid-19 vaccination



 To All of our office users, Everyone viewing the homepage
 Summer greeting from our office. Please continue to be careful about corona and heat stroke during midsummer.
 Today, we would like to inform that we have completed the inoculation of the new corona vaccine twice. We appreciate all coworkers at part-time working place who took care of us for vaccine.
 There are various ways of thinking about vaccination depending on different positions and conditions. The risk of adverse vaccine reactions and the risk of sequelae after corona infection should be taken into consideration when making a selection, but for some people, the choice is not easy. It would be better to have a process of not only imposing one idea, but also imagining the reason for the person's choice, listening to the story, and exchanging opinions. In any case, we believe that the best choice for everyone is based on reliable information.
 In Fukuoka, where the "Priority Measures To Prevent The Spread" will be applied again in a few days, our office will continue to support both online (Skype, Zoom) and on-site (face-to-face). If you want to stop sexual crimes, substance use, or other problematic behavior, but you are worried about it, please contact us once without holding it alone. Why don't you create an opportunity to think together about what kind of life you want and what you should do for that purpose? We'll be expecting your inquiry.
2021年07月31日 09:00

6月になると思うこと What I think in every June



 What I think in every June is about the events and encounters that might have led to my current self. After registering with Doctors Without Borders, I was dispatched to emergency assistance after the Kumamoto earthquake, and a few months later to mental health assistance in Palestine in the Middle East. Then, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, which I wrote in another article, I provideed psychological support in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture.
 Not all of these were in June, but I think of them misteriously. It seems that not only the news related to each place is the trigger, but also the gradually rising temperature and humidity, the seosonal food and aroma of soil, plants, etc. stimulate the memory. It's hot and humid, and it's often unpleasant to experience, but it's strange that it doesn't bother me so much.
 As I wrote this article, I remembered the moon floating in the night sky around the world. The moon seen on the roof of a Palestinian residence during Ramadan, seen in a cove in Kesennuma, seen on the way back from shelters in MInami Aso. At the same time, I remember how I felt when I was looking at the moon in that area. It's more of a feeling that I'm reminded of when it's hard, I don't know what to do, or I'm still struggling.
 To be honest, I never wanted or thought about setting up an office at that time. However, I beleive that each event, experience, and encounter at that time is connected to my current self. It's strange, but life may go on like this. The future life is unpredictable. However, I am reaffirming my desire to sincerely share the process of stopping problematic acts such as sex crimes and drug use with the people who visit our office. Please do not worry alone, try to contact us once.
2021年06月30日 09:00

今年度の研修を開始しました This year's training has started




 All of our office users, Everyone viewing the homepage
 As early as mid-May, here in Fukuoka, the rainy season started earlier than usual. This is a report of my participation in the monthly online CBT skill improvement seminar from the end of April and last week at the Webinar of Doctors Without Borders mentioned as a training plan.
 First of all, at the CBT skill improvement seminar that lasts for one year once a month, I hope that you will be able to learn with a fresh feeling while checking what you can do with cognitive behavioral therapy, the merits of providing it, issues, etc. I had it. Next is the webinar of Doctors Without Borders. The theme is "The future of humanitarian aid-to truly" leave no one behind ". Sessions co-sponsored with " The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on "Syria," "Conflict and Climate Change," and "Coronavirus Infections: Secondary Impacts on Women's and Children's Health." The theme of leaving no one behind is also the goal of the SDGs, and we recognize that it seems to be magnificent and familiar. I felt once again that I wanted to be a human, a clinician who can act with the thought of what I can do for someone in need.
 Although I felt a little tired after work, I am glad that I participated in the training. I will continue to study so that people will be able to feel more secure and stable at our office in the process of stopping those acts that they want to stop but cannot stop, such as sex crimes, drug use, and theft.
2021年05月17日 09:00


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